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Thursday, 6/20/2024
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Tord Gustavsen Trio
The Ground

Two years ago the Tord Gustavsen Trio released the extraordinary successful debut-album"Changing Places". With his new CD "The Ground" he created another masterpiece. Together with bassist Harald Johnsen and drummer Jarle Vespestad Tord Gustavsen guides the audience on a faint melancholic and unique journey. Enjoyable sophisticated music to relax and meditate. A spellbinding work of art. »

checkPoint charlycheckPoint charly

"checkPoint charly" is used for the administration of university courses. Student profiles, course details, registrations for courses and examinations, reservations and examination results are stored by the system. Instructors and administrators can use the integrated mail client to contact students individually or in groups. The program consists of a client compatible with Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP used for administration, a database-system and a WWW-frontend. Linux or Windows can be used as operation platform for the database-system and the frontend. Students use the frontend to register for courses and to check their test results and final grades.

The program is available for educational institutions only.

Features of the administration client
Instructors and administrators may use the following features of the Windows-client:
  • Storing student-profiles (enrollment number, name, address, study address, phone number, email-address)
  • Storing course-details (number, term, description, instructor)
  • Course results are generated automatically based on an unlimited number of configureable grading schemes
  • It is possible to define comments and graphics for each reachable degree in a grading scheme, which are displayed on the student´s results page
  • Students may be added to or removed from course registration lists
  • Print option for registration and results lists
  • An unlimited number of examination or test results can be assigned to each course
  • Student-specific comments may be stored together with each single result
  • Result lists are generated automatically from the course registrations, the administrator only has to adjust the amount of points each student reached
  • Grades of a student may be queried at any time
  • A flexible grouping option allows the instructor to store extra information for groups of students (e.g. students who are about to make their diploma, graduates, et c.)
  • Sending email to individual students or group of students
  • Integrated scheduler

Features of the students´ frontend
Students may use the following features:
  • First time registration: a new student profile is generated
  • When registering students have to choose a password to get access to the other section of the web-frontend
  • Changing their password and maintaining their profile
  • Registering for and unregistering from courses
  • Displaying their registrations
  • Students use the frontend to query their test results and final course results
  • No registration is necessary to use the scheduler
  • The result lists can also be retrieved via a WAP-enabled mobile phone
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