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Thursday, 6/20/2024
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IT Consulting and Solutions

M-IT was founded in 1996 by Markus Mazanec and is located in Vienna, Austria. Initially, the company specialized in planning, installing and supporting computer-systems and networks as well as providing consulting services. Most of the clients were educational, research and non-profit organizations with a focus on historical and political topics.

Dealing with their demands and problems brought deep insight into the daily work and specific requirements of these institutions. One of the most critical problems that were observed was the fact, that existing software solutions were unable to satisfy the organizations' needs and the execution of individual software projects was to expensive.

M-IT now chooses a different way to fulfill the expectations of its clients: By exploiting the authentic knowledge and collaborating with employees from various departments of the organizations involved, individual software solutions are created. To keep the costs low the source code remains a property of M-IT and runtime versions of the developed products are licensed to the customer. Thus a code base for further development and re-use in subsequent projects is generated. Sometimes it is possible to install customized versions of previously created software at other clients with similar demands.

M-IT's solutions have proofed to be instrumental in serving their particular purposes and have lead to highest customer satisfaction.

Today the main working fields of the company are in the area of digital archiving (eArchiving) and electronic learning (eLearning). Related activities include
  • Consulting
  • Project Planning
  • Project Management
  • System and Software Evaluation
  • Integration
  • Maintenance as well as
  • Troubleshooting.
M-IT's goal is to be the central point of contact for the customers providing them full-service out of one hand. Recommendations are given after carefully analyzing the client's situation and requirements. They are based on expert knowledge which is continuously enlarged and kept up-to-date. M-IT's solutions utilize state-of-the art technology and latest developments to guarantee longevity and reliability.
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