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Thursday, 6/20/2024
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Photos from "Rudolph & Company"
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GESTAPO-Photos stored digitally

GESTAPO-Photos stored digitally
Documentationarchive of the Austrian Resistance

Tord Gustavsen Trio
The Ground

Two years ago the Tord Gustavsen Trio released the extraordinary successful debut-album"Changing Places". With his new CD "The Ground" he created another masterpiece. Together with bassist Harald Johnsen and drummer Jarle Vespestad Tord Gustavsen guides the audience on a faint melancholic and unique journey. Enjoyable sophisticated music to relax and meditate. A spellbinding work of art. »

Austrians in Exile

About 380 short biographies of Austrians, who had to take refuge and fly into exile during the era of the "Ständestaats" and national socialism, have been collected by the Documentationarchive of the Austrian Resistance (DOeW).

It was the goal of the project "Austrians in Exile. A bio-bibliographical database" to create a completely web-based database for storing these data in an appropriate way and to link it to other digitally stored data. Powerful tools for complex information retrieval have been integrated. Having analyzed the available data, historians defined the structure of the new database together with M-IT. After the implementation of the requirements, which took a few weeks, the data was entered into the system at the DOeW.

The structure of the fields of the database is divided into three sections of information:
  1. ad personam: biographical data, social relations and movement data,
  2. the person´s occupation: history of life and labour,
  3. the person's work: index of work, bibiliography, index of source material.
It is possible to search for fulltext or to create combined queries using logical operators. Hyperlinks refer between related persons. A special feature of the solution is the interconnection with the digital file index and digital image library of the DOeW. Related information is retrieved with one mouse click.

The database is open for use by historians and other visitors of the DOeW.
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